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Place of Origin : Henan, China (Mainland)

Brand Name : PEONY

Item : Submerged Arc Welding Flux

Model Number : PW-SJ501

Performance : Stable Arc,High Speed

Application : pressure vessels,Boiler,LGP Cylinder

Certification : ABS,CCS,TUV,CE

Basic : 0.5-0.8

Color : Grey

Grain Size : 0.3-2.0mm

Standard Packaging : 25kg/55lbs


PW.SJ501 flux is a kind of titanium-aluminum acetic sintered flux, with basicity of 0.5 ~ 0.8. The granular shape is round; size 2.0 ~ 0.28mm (10-60 mesh); color grey. During application, the arc is stable and the removal of slag is easy. The welding bead is nice. The flux has strong resistance to porosity and can still perform well even if there is some rust or other oxides on the work piece. The flux can operate on DC/AC. The wires should be connected to the positive terminal when the welding machine is set to DC current.


Working with proper welding wires (EL8,EM12 and EA2) can weld the structures made of low-carbon steel and low alloy-steel such as ship, boiler, pressure vessel; the flux working with proper wires can perform very well in the situation that requires high-speed welding on the thin steel plates.

Chemical Composition of flux (%)

Chemical Composition on SiO2+TiO2 CaO+MgO Al2O3+MnO S P
Guarantee Value ≤0.060 ≤0.080
General Result 30 59 8.8 0.039 0.041

Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal (In accordance with GB/T5293-1999)

Test Item Rm(N/mm2) Rel(N/mm2) A(%) KV2(J)
EM12 Guarantee Value 415 ~ 550 ≥330 ≥22 ≥34
General Result 480 375 27 64


1. The welding electrodes should be baked 1.5 hour at 300~350℃ before welding.

2. The impurities such as rust, oil stains and moisture must be cleared off of the work piece.

Welding Positions